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Tanımlı Cisimler seeks an answer to a question with their short stories:
'Can objects gain their true meaning not in space but through the space they occupy in one's life?'

People and things in the Tanımlı Cisimler project implemented by producer Elif Tekin and directors Emre Sezgin, Oğulcan Atayol
2 new episodes every week on social media platforms, especially Instagram,

focusing on the bond between it's actually a mini-documentary series.

A pocket knife that makes people love art, a table where dozens of books are written,

glasses that allow you to look at the world with a new eye,
a Altın Kelebek award that conceals more than was anticipated, a symbol of simplification
shop key, pens collected from different cities of the world, heralded the spotlight from childhood
a kaleidoscope, a lathe that brings you closer to nature as it turns,

a white cane that makes you discover the world and much more.

While Identified Objects tells people and their stories through the items that are connected,

we make each other more aware looking for ways to understand better.

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